LETTER: Recent Tyre Town Board meeting seemed staged to favor casino

To the Editor:

At a Tyre Town Board meeting last month, the strong-armed display by Wilmot & Co. against many residents in our community was shameful! As we approached the meeting place traveling along the narrow country roads and the rolling drumlins, its beauty was a reminder of why we chose to live here. Over the years town meetings here in Tyre were pretty uneventful. Lately, however, when Tom Wilmot came to town with his casino proposition, our meetings have taken on a very unpleasant “air,” resulting in multiple “casino staged” evenings. This night was an example …

Arriving at the scene, many Wilmot-solicited “out-of-town supporters” made already-limited parking and seating impossible for locals, while the usual drama was set in motion. It’s funny, each time Tyre casino approvals are on the agenda, Wilmot brings his mostly pretend support. Mr. Wilmot obviously knows the meeting plans before anyone who actually lives here. Similarly, the Seneca County Board of Supervisors’ meeting last month exposed Shawn Griffin, Wilmot’s Harris Beach attorney, for providing the “motion wording” for the supervisors, making the meeting more like a sort of three-ringed circus!

No longer can we assume that our town will protect us — a faulty review was confirmed by the court’s ruling. Our town and Wilmot-paid professionals have no intention of protecting our community, literally exposing us to environmental disaster. Apparently, if Wilmot, a billionaire developer, wants to exploit our town’s future, Tyre’s board and county supervisors will turn a blind eye to the citizens, shutting out the public. Why?

By now, it should be apparent that we won’t sell out to this wealthy man who wants to use our town for his own personal cash cow! He has no concern for those who live here. Forcing locals to endure bullying won’t change the facts. He and the town broke New York state laws, which happen to be there for citizens’ protection. We are standing firmly on our rights. We will not be forced out of our own meetings, let alone our town, despite these antics.

It’s apparent that Supervisor McGreevy favors blocking town residents from being part of the process. By allowing a crowd of out-of-towners to overwhelm our town meeting while he remains indifferent — preventing people’s rights to public participation — is unjustifiable. His leadership as supervisor is telling in that he favors a wealthy out-of-town developer over the taxpaying residents.



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