Lago Opposition


Opposition to the “Lago” Project is continually growing.

102_0378More than 4,415 local people have signed the petition, or signed letters against this casino.

AMISH COMMUNITIES OPPOSED:  Over 1,188 local and neighboring community members

  • 348 Amish in Tyre area, North Clyde District, South Clyde District
  • 169 Old Order Amish in Tyre area, Rose and North Rose District
  • 671 Old Order Amish, Romulus District, Interlaken District, Ovid District, Varick, and Wycoff District  

MENNONITES COMMUNITIES OPPOSED: 1,716 adults, 3,075 children

  • Groffdale Conference: Yates County Mennonites, Consisting of 558 Families and over 2,000 Children.  
  • Weaverland Old Order Mennonites: Finger Lakes, (Yates, Cayuga, Ontario and Seneca Counties) Consisting of 300 Families and Approximately 1,075 Children
  •   *1716 adults, 3075 children opposed to a casino in Tyre or Seneca County.                              These wonderful people of our community have continued the agricultural economy that is the very fabric of Tyre who are taxpaying, honest citizens and are strongly opposed to a casino in our area. They fear for their safety as they travel the roads in this area regularly using horse and buggy. They are unified as churches and the various districts represent the families who live within horse and buggy travel distances of this proposed casino.




  • Tyre United Methodist Church
  • Tyre Reformed Church
  • Zion Fellowship
  • Seneca Community Church
  • Phelps Baptist Church
  • Waterloo Baptist Church (petition)
  • United Church of Phelps
  • Living Hope Baptist Church (Click here to read Pastor’s speach to GC)
  • Reverend William R. Dorow Jr. (Calvary Lutheran Church, Waterloo, N.Y.)
  • Calvary Chapel of Seneca Falls



  • Thomas Electronics, Clyde, N.Y.
  • Lilac Farms
  • Seneca Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, L.L.C.
  • Tyre Farmers Letter, Signed by over 25 Tyre area farmers
  • Finger Lakes Seed, Inc. – Leland Miller 
  • Concerned Citizens of Seneca County
  • J.A. Dawley Mfg. Co.
  • Valley Pharmacy, Waterloo, N.Y.
  • Cafe XIX, Seneca Falls, N.Y.
  • KINNEROSA Heating and Cooling,  Waterloo, NY
  • AIRFRAME, Custom Aerial Cinematography